Best Facial Cleansing Brush In 2020

Many skincare products offer some type of exfoliation, whether it’s physical or chemical. But if your face scrub just doesn’t agree with you, you can also try using a regular face wash with a facial cleansing brush. If you don’t know what those are, we’re here to welcome you into the ranks of proud facial brush fanatics.

Trust us, when you see what all the fuss is about, you’ll want to get your own brush immediately. At least, that’s what it was like for us. So let’s discover whether these things can help us combat acne.

What’s the Deal with Acne?

Acne breakouts are so inconvenient. There has to be a way to deal with them — and preferably avoid them altogether. Wouldn’t you know it, facial brushes can do both. You see, acne is usually caused by clogged pores. Whether you committed a skin faux pas such as not washing your pillowcase (which you really shouldn’t do) or your pores naturally produce more sebum, a facial cleansing brush might really help you.

How Can Facial Cleansing Brushes Help?

If you have excess sebum in your pores, you’re going to want to get it out. Depending on your skin type, you’ll need a different type of brush to do it. Whichever you end up using, it’ll physically exfoliate dead skin cells and get that sebum out. Many of them also promise to dig deep to get the dirt out, much like microdermabrasion would.

How to Use a Facial Cleansing Brush

Facial cleansing brushes are really easy to use. As long as you get the best facial cleansing brush for your skin, you can use it daily without any negative consequences. If you get a rotary brush, here’s how to use it most effectively:

  • Start by using the lowest speed and washing a few times a week. If your skin isn’t used to physical exfoliants, it may take a few days to adjust.
  • Most machines will have you hold them in one place for a few seconds before prompting you to move them by vibrating or stopping the rotation.
  • When you’re done with a brush, make sure you wash it with water and let it dry before using again.

If you’re using a pulsating silicon brush, you won’t have to switch it out at all. However, you will need to physically move it in circular motions around your face. And the same goes if you purchase any regular non-spinning face brush.

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Contrary to popular belief, physical exfoliants like face scrubs and brushes can harm the skin more than chemical ones. So be careful:

  • Don’t press the brush into your skin but let it rotate on top of it.
  • If you’re seeing redness after cleansing, ease up or switch to a softer brush.
  • Don’t quit if you break out the first few times you use a brush. However, if it persists, let your skin heal before trying again with a gentler brush.
  • Use an acne serum to get the blemishes under control before trying cleansing brushes.
  • Change the brush attachment every 3 to 6 months to avoid putting all that gunk back into your skin.

Best Facial Cleansing Brush When You Have Dry Skin: Peilly 4-Mode Powered Facial Cleansing Brush

If you’re looking for something that will exfoliate your dry or flakey skin gently, this is the perfect choice.

Why we like it:

  • Beautiful design
  • Two gentle brushes
  • Durable

You might want to choose the Peilly Facial Cleansing Brush if:

Alright, so the appearance of this little egg-shaped brush is what first attracted us to it. But once we took our eyes off the smooth triangular texture of the brush, we were not disappointed with its features. The device looks like it will be easy to use since it only has one button. It also has a very durable build which is waterproof, scratch-resistant and even has drop protection.

Once you charge this device, you’ll be able to use it for about a month before having to recharge it. There are two brush attachments that come with the device and both are very gentle, which is great for dealing with dry or even sensitive skin. One of them is a traditional dense brush, while the other is made of medical-grade silicone. The 4 modes of operation (Cleansing, Mild Cleansing, Massage, and Gentle Massage) are also sensitive skin friendly.

The diamond-shaped power button will light up when you turn the brush on. And the machine will even pause every 15 seconds to tell you to move it to a different area. We especially appreciate the fact that this device also has a waterproof pouch for traveling.

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Best Facial Cleansing Brush When You Have Sensitive Skin: MINTSonic Silicone Face Brush

If your skin just isn’t having it more often than not, you might want to purchase a silicon brush and work from there.

Why we like it:

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Cleansing and massage
  • Pulsating rather than spinning

You might want to choose MINTSonic Silicone Face Brush if:

The reason why this brush is so good for sensitive skin types is that it doesn’t spin. Instead, the whole unit vibrates against your skin in order to provide effective exfoliation. However, that means that you’ll have to manually move it around your face. Fortunately, that’s not a difficult task, especially when a unit is as comfortable to hold as this one is. Like the previous product, this facial brush has a rechargeable battery inside. It’s also waterproof and very hygienic since it’s made of non-porous medical-grade silicon.

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Best Facial Cleansing Brush When You Have Oily Skin: Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Antimicrobial Facial Cleansing Brush System

If you have oily skin, you’ll be fine using slightly harsher brushes. Just remember not to push them into the skin!

Why we like it:

  • Several colors and patterns
  • Dense, gentle, yet firm brush
  • Comes with a hard travel case

You might want to choose Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Brush if:

The Michael Todd petite brush is actually great for many different skin types. However, we believe that it’s a really impressive machine for getting oils and makeup off the skin. Many people think that you need to really dig deep in order to get your oily skin to behave, but that’s not really true. The trick is in finding the right cleansing tool for you and using the correct skincare products.

The Petite line is also specifically made for travel. So it’s small enough to toss into a bag and go. Best of all, it comes with a hard travel case, and even a brush cap that has holes in it to allow the brush to dry. Moreover, it comes in several colorful floral patterns to choose from, which is always a welcome bonus.

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Best Facial Cleansing Brush When You Have Combination Skin: Fancii Waterproof Facial Cleansing Spin Brush Set

This 3-brush device is the perfect choice for those of us whose skin likes to mix it up a little. If your skin is sensitive and dry one day and oily the next — or sometimes both at the same time, this is the cleansing brush for you.

Why we like it:

  • Two nylon bristle brushes and one silicon one
  • Convenient case with brush slots

You might want to choose Fancii Waterproof Facial Cleansing Spin Brush if:

The Fancii brush set may not give you the various design options the previous two devices would. Still, the mint and white color scheme is very easy on the eyes. This device comes with a hard case that can fit the unit and the three brushes that come with it. The silicone brush is ideal for when your skin feels particularly sensitive. Also, if you need a gentle cleansing, there’s a soft nylon brush and a slightly harsher one for additional exfoliation.

Like most of these brushes, this one is waterproof. However, unlike the previous two devices, this one uses two AA batteries, rather than a built-in one.

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Best Facial Cleansing Brush When You Have Tired Skin: PIXNOR Waterproof Face Brush with 7 Brush Heads

The PIXNOR cleansing brush has some of the most interesting features we’ve seen. If your skin feels tired and taut after a whole day at work, this will give it that boost it needs before you go meet your friends at night!

Why we like it:

  • Seven brush attachments
  • Ideal for all skin types

You might want to choose PIXNOR Face Brush if:

This unit has a brush attachment for pretty much everything, so it can offer a full-body cleanse. If you’re just coming home from work, you probably have makeup on. The makeup sponge attachment can help you get it off. There are also 3 nylon bristle brushes that range from coarse to ultra-fine to suit all skin types. Furthermore, this device also has a massage attachment for the face and body, as well as two pumice stone attachments. However, this unit does use two AA batteries, so be mindful of that when shopping.

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Zen out with your very own facial cleansing brush

Ultimately, when you go shopping for a facial brush, you’ll want to select the one that’s going to work for you. So really, the best facial cleansing brush is the one you’ll want to use. It shouldn’t be harsh against your skin or cause you pain. You should simply be able to enjoy the process while the brush does its magic.

In fact, why keep the brush on your face and neck? Many of us also get acne on our chest and back areas as well. If that’s you, you can also get a body brush with a long handle you can use in the bath or when you shower. These natural bristle brushes wouldn’t only ensure skin cell turnover all over your body but also improve your circulation. Trust us — after you get into the habit of brushing your skin, the daily ritual will quickly become your daily spa experience.

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