How To Remove Blackheads

From early teenage years and onward, many people struggle with the blemishes and inflammations we call acne. Most annoying of all are those unsightly little dark bumps on your nose – blackheads!

But just what are blackheads? How can you get rid of them, or prevent them in the first place? To learn everything you need to know about blackheads, read on!

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads are a mild kind of acne that can appear on any part of your body, though it is most commonly discovered on the face. Blackheads take the form of tiny dark bumps on your skin, and occur when pores become clogged with sebum and other kinds of debris. Blackheads are not a sign that your skin is too dirty, or that you are doing something “wrong” – they happen to almost everyone and can be treated at home!

Your skin is full of pores, known by doctors as “pilosebaceous units.” Each of these pores has a hair follicle and an oil gland, also called a sebaceous gland, inside. The sebaceous gland creates a substance called sebum, which is an oily liquid that your body uses to keep your skin soft and well hydrated. However, if the body produces too much sebum, the top of the pore may become plugged. As the sebum builds up in this plugged pore, it collects dead skin cells and bacteria, forming a comedone. When the comedone is open to the air, rather than covered up by the skin, it forms a blackhead. A covered-up comedone is what we know of as a pimple. Because the blackhead is open to the air, it causes less inflammation and usually less pain than pimples do.

Though sebum is white, the blackhead comedone can appear in a variety of colors, such as yellow, brown, gray, and – as you would expect from the name “blackhead” – black. Though some believe that the colors appear because dirt is present in the pore, the colorization is actually because of oxidation. Sebum contains melanin pigment – the substance that determines the color of your skin. When melanin makes contact with the air, such as in this open comedone, it oxidizes, turning a dark color. Less-oxidized melanin pigment can appear closer to yellow than black in color.

Blackheads tend to vary in size, location, and number. How many comedones are present on your skin can indicate the level of severity in your acne. Though scales vary, most dermatologists agree that mild acne is a case of less than twenty visible comedones at once; moderate acne involves between twenty and one hundred comedones at once; and people with severe acne have more than one hundred comedones at once.

Should You Squeeze Blackheads?

It can be incredibly tempting to squeeze and pop the blackheads on your skin with your fingers. However, most dermatologists do not recommend that you squeeze your blackheads, because squeezing can cause a variety of additional skin issues. Because blackheads are difficult to remove, for all your squeezing and prodding, you might not actually be able to get it out – and instead end up irritating the skin. Bacteria on your fingers can then get inside the blackhead, creating cysts or nodules that only make the blackhead worse. When you squeeze a blackhead, you also run the risk of stretching out your pores, leaving them permanently enlarged. You may also accidentally force the infected material deeper into your skin, creating more blackheads and causing scarring. Though the blackhead is temporary, the scars and marks left from squeezing it might not be!

Blackheads vs. Sebaceous Filaments

One dark spot on your skin can look very similar to another, and so it is very easy to mistake a sebaceous filament for a blackhead. It’s important to note the differences between the two, because how you treat a blackhead is different from how you treat a sebaceous filament!

Sebaceous filaments, also sometimes simply referred to as “clogged pores” by dermatologists, may look like blackheads and may also appear on the nose, but they are not a kind of acne. Sebaceous filaments appear when the oil that lines the hair follicle in a pore causes the pore to appear larger. Nothing has actually “plugged up” this pore like a blackhead is plugged by oil and bacteria; if you were to use a pore strip on a sebaceous filament, it would not pull out any gunk like it would for a blackhead.

The size of your pores is primarily determined by your genetics, so sebaceous filaments just plain are the way they are. They will neither shrink with time nor pop if squeezed, but you also do not have to worry about them becoming infected, as long as you do not scratch at them. However, if you do want to get rid of your clogged pores, you can lessen their appearance by controlling the buildup of oil in your skin. Over-the-counter salicylic acid and glycolic acid products, found in gel, pad, or scrub form, can help you reduce your oil buildup. The pore will fill up again as your body creates necessary oils, but its appearance can be managed!

Methods for Removing Blackheads

Blackheads occur when your body produces an excess of body oils, collecting bacteria and dead skin cells – and they only get worse during hormonal changes, such as during menstruation and the teenage years, which cause an increase in sebum production. Cures for blackheads tackle these factors, keeping away oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

Home Remedies for Blackheads

Several methods for removing and keeping away blackheads can be easily and cost-effectively applied at home!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a kind of vinegar made by fermenting the juice from pressed apples. This vinegar is known for its ability to fight a wide variety of bacteria and viruses, including the bacteria commonly found in blackheads. Apple cider vinegar is also known to suppress inflammation, consequently preventing the appearance of acne scars! Mix one part apple cider vinegar with three parts water – too much vinegar can cause burns on your skin, so the water is a necessary diluting factor. Once or twice per day, apply this mixture to your clean skin with a cotton ball. Let it sit for between five and twenty seconds, and then rinse your face with water and pat your skin dry.

Zinc Supplements

Several vitamins and nutrients that can be easily bought over-the-counter at a pharmacy are also natural treatments for acne. Zinc is one such nutrient, which has vital functions in hormone production, cell growth, and immune system processes. Studies have shown that people with acne tend to have lower zinc levels in their blood than people with clearer skin do. Taking a daily zinc supplement can decrease the appearance of blackheads! Be sure to take no more than 40 mg. of zinc per day; too much zinc may cause stomach pain.

Honey and Cinnamon Mask

Honey and cinnamon both contain antioxidants, which are known to reduce blackheads because of their antibacterial qualities. Mix two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon together to form a paste for a mask. Clean your skin, and then apply the mask to your face. Leave the honey and cinnamon mask on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing it off and patting your face dry.

Exfoliate with a Sugar Scrub

Because blackheads involve dead skin cells getting caught in excess sebum, removing extra dead skin cells can both remove blackheads and keep them from appearing as often in the future. Exfoliation is a method of removing the layer of dead skin cells on top of your skin. One way to exfoliate is by applying a sugar scrub. Mix equal parts of sugar and coconut oil to create the scrub. Then rub your skin with the mixture, and, afterwards, rinse your skin well with water. Exfoliate once per day for the best results!

Other Useful Treatments

If the home remedies aren’t working for you, there are other ways to tackle blackheads, with the help of a dermatologist.

Manual Removal

Though it isn’t a good idea to try to remove a blackhead with your fingers, dermatologists have a special tool called a round loop extractor, which they can use to remove blackheads. The dermatologist can safely push out the contents of the comedone without damaging the surrounding skin cells.

Laser Therapy

Another option is to use laser therapy, which includes a light that reaches deep into the surface of the skin and kill blackhead-causing bacteria. Laser therapy requires multiple sessions and can be expensive, but it may be a good idea for severe cases of acne.

Chemical Peels

For a deeper level of exfoliation, you can use chemical peels – either a mild, over-the-counter kind, or a stronger kind provided by dermatologists. These peels involve powerful chemical solutions that strip the top layers of skin from your body, revealing the smoother skin cells underneath and removing blackheads in the process.

Now you not only know what blackheads are and why they occur, but you also have a variety of options for taking charge of your skincare!

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Best Acne Toner In 2020

It’s a fact that everyone wants clear and beautiful skin. However, pesky acne can ruin loads of meetings, interviews, and other gatherings for us.

These unwanted blemishes often leave our dreams of clear skin lying in the dust. More often than not, we tend to cover up those nasty pimples, but that results in an even bigger flare-up.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. We should always aim for prevention, and toners can help us nip our acne problems in the bud. Therefore, we should make face washing a habit in order to curb the flare-ups.

Let’s dive into the inner workings of acne, why it breaks out, and how to look for the best acne toner.

What Is Acne?

We definitely have acne if we have some red spots or bumps on our skin. Even more so if they seem to intentionally appear when we least expect them (or want them to).

Unfortunately, acne goes deeper than that, so let us ditch the layman’s term and look to medicine for a moment. Essentially, acne is an umbrella term for any inflammatory skin problem that results in blackheads, pimples, cysts, and the like. Aside from appearing on our face, acne tends to invade other parts of your body, such as arms, neck, shoulders, and the back.

Why Does It Appear?

Generally speaking, oily and bacteria-ridden skin is the major cause of acne. However, the true cause hinges on several factors, such as our skin type or age.

Even though our hair follicles generally produce oil with the best intentions, they can sometimes overdo it due to a variety of factors. This oily excess, combined with bacteria and dead skin cells is what causes acne.

However, habitually using an acne toner will help us strike back.

How Exactly Does an Acne Toner Work?

Essentially, using a toner should be a part of the face-cleaning routine. Washing our skin is not enough, as a lot of stuff doesn’t come off that easy. This includes dead skin cells, excess oil, impurities, or makeup. Even our cleanser can leave some residue behind. So the toner is there to help us get rid of all that. With the help of a cotton pad, it should leave our skin clean.

How Does Acne Toner Benefit the Skin?

Let’s first get one thing out of the way — using a toner is not at all restricted to our face. However, that does not mean we should bathe in it, but we can treat other spots with it as well. So feel free to use it on your back, chest, shoulders, and neck.

Wherever we choose to apply it, the toner will not only cleanse but also shrink our pores. As a result, there will be less space for any oil and dirt that causes acne to appear in the first place.

Finally, by using a toner, we will also restore the natural pH balance of your skin. Our skin’s first line of defense against bacteria and germs is the so-called acid mantle. Aside from protection, the acid mantle also moisturizes our skin. If we want it to perform the best it can, we need to maintain the pH balance of our skin.

Which Is the Best Acne Toner?

If our skin is oily or prone to acne, we might want to try a toner that contains salicylic acid. That’s because the acid easily dissolves in oil, and it can help us get rid of excess sebum. Additionally, we should try mandelic acid as well, as this almond derivative is bad news for microbes.

On the other hand, if we have combination skin, we should look for a toner with glycolic acid. Not only does it work well with oily areas, but also with dry ones like our cheeks. More often than not, toners use a mix of low-concentrated acids like these. In turn, that increases their effectiveness while reducing potential skin irritation.

Our Choice of 5 Best Acne Toner Products

The Best Acne Toner Overall — Exposed Clearing Tonic

This powerful toner goes deep into the pores to remove all the grease and dirt from the skin. As a result, it will strike a balance to problem skin and leave it clean, soft, and refreshed.

Why we like it:

  • Its active ingredient is salicylic acid, which will prompt shedding of dead skin cells and rid your skin of acne.
  • It contains benzyl-peroxide, which is antibacterial in nature and prevents any further breakouts.
  • It also contains ingredients that curb inflammation and redness, which are excellent for taking care of acne, fine lines, and blackheads.
  • The tonic is completely paraben-free.
  • It contains a mixture of extracts of passion flower, green tea, sage, and aloe leaf for added care.

We recommend Exposed Clearing Tonic to those who want to look no further than the best.

Exposed Clearing Tonic combines the powerful action of salicylic acid with the antimicrobial effect of benzyl-peroxide. The result of this combination is clear, bacteria-free skin. Moreover, this toner will solve any irritations while relying on carefully picked herb extracts for maximum refreshment and softness. Ultimately, this tonic is a must-have for anyone who’s had enough of acne.

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The Best Acne Toner for Oily Skin — Super C22 Toner

Powered by citrus fruits, using this refreshing toner results in energized skin. As the name suggests, the toner contains 22% Vitamin C.

Why we like it:

  • Aside from citrus fruits, it also contains MSM and hazel that are excellent for doing away with dead skin, dirt, and bacteria.
  • Its high percentage of Vitamin C helps against wrinkles, discoloration, spots, or any other signs of aging.
  • It is great for maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance, which decreases its potential for acne development.

We recommend Super C22 Toner to those with extremely oily skin.

Super C22 Toner is also armed with natural antioxidants, such as green tea, rosemary seed extract, Vitamin E, and grapefruit seed. Finally, the toner contains no alcohol, leaving no place for irritations.

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The Best Natural Acne Toner — Christina Moss Naturals Toner

CMN’s sixteen years of experience bring us this organic, high-quality toner. It’s excellent for getting rid of excess sebum, as well as maintaining the skin’s pH balance.

Why we like it:

  • The toner does away with extra oil, while also cleaning and nourishing the skin.
  • Its ingredients prevent inflammation and are completely natural.
  • Speaking of nourishment, the toner also contains green tea and Aloe Vera extracts.

We recommend this toner to people with all skin types, but due to its all-natural properties, it works well with oily skin as well.

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The Best Acne Toner for Inflamed Skin — La Roche-Posay Effaclar

This toner specifically aims at unclogging pores and evening out the skin. Its clearing effect will remove the sebum and the dirt built up on the surface.

Why we like it:

  • The toner contains both salicylic and glycolic acids, the combination of which effectively cleans the pores and reduces further acne breakouts.
  • It does not contain perfume or paraben, which makes it good for sensitive skins.
  • The toner also maintains skin elasticity.

We recommend this toner to people with oily skin that is prone to inflammation.

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The Best Acne Toner for Combination Skin — YEOUTH Facial Toner

Our last candidate has the ingredients necessary for clean and young skin. Moreover, its ingredients are all-natural.

Why we like it:

  • Its active ingredients are allantoin and butylene glycol, the combination of which hydrates and soothes the skin.
  • It gets rid of microbes with the help of aluminum salt and chamomile flower extract.
  • This toner makes sure the skin is allergy-free.

We recommend this toner to people with combination skin, as it is pretty neutral and made from completely natural ingredients.

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Final Thoughts

Maybe an acne toner is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is essential in fighting all variations of acne. That makes it a great addition to the face-washing arsenal.

An acne toner does its work from the ground up, ensuring a clean and healthy foundation for acne-free skin. It’s not hard to make a habit if one has a lot to gain from making it. And there are a lot of benefits that come with the best acne toner by Exposed Skincare.

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Best Acne Treatment For Men In 2020

Adult men with acne often feel embarrassed. No matter how hard they try to cover them with a beard or hair, they are always noticeable. That’s why we did our best to find the best acne treatment for men on the market today.

When a man that has acne walks down the street and gets stared at, especially by girls, he automatically loses self-confidence. Why? Because he believes that the only reason why they’re looking at him is his skin condition.

But who cares what people think, right? Well, in this particular case, we can’t agree. Having acne can seriously impact both the love-life and the career of a man. The unfortunate truth is that this condition automatically rules out multiple career choices for men that have to do with their physical image.

Even a salesperson that has a healthy skin will probably get better results than someone who has acne. All of that leads to losing self-confidence and other serious consequences for one’s well-being, e.g., depression.

However, not all hope is lost. You are here, reading this article because you want to find a solution, and we are here to give you one. Acne can be successfully treated, and with the right products and care, they can disappear faster than you think. First, let’s see what causes adult acne in men, and then, we’ll break the top five best acne treatment for men.

Yes, Adults Struggle With Acne Too.

Acne that shows on faces of adult men is no different than those they likely had in their teens. After the age of 25, acne can make an unpleasant and unexpected comeback, and we know that no one will be happy to see their old friends.

Acne is typically caused by an increase in hormones. Because of that, Sebaceous glands then cause excess secretion of sebum. In other words, when those hormones are mixed with bacteria, white blood cells will move there in order to heal the infected area. Thus, a pimple will show up.

So why do they come back once we grow up? There are multiple reasons that can affect their return. 

  • Lifestyle — When we’re adults, most of us tend to live unhealthy lifestyles. Career, family, and other things leave us with less time to take good care of ourselves. Thus, we eat unhealthy food, we occasionally drink, and even take prescription drugs. These things can also affect our hormone levels.
  • Chemicals — Some skin products contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation. That can further lead to acne reappearing. A skin that is irritated will draw more white blood cells and thus cause pimples to show up.
  • Dry Skin — If our skin is too dry, it can be a major cause for acne outbreak. The sebaceous glands will go berserk in order to balance out our skin’s oil level. Thus, they will create too much of it and clog our pores.
  • Stress — Finally, stress is usually the number one reason for both acne reappearing and for other health conditions. If we’re stressed out, levels of our androgen hormone will increase. This hormone will then stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, and excess oil means pimples and acne.

Now, a logical answer arises from all of this. In order to prevent acne from appearing or coming back, we should eliminate as much stress as we can from our lives and take better care of ourselves.

But what happens if we’re already affected by this embarrassing skin condition? We’re happy that we’re able to present you with the best adult acne treatment for men on the market today

Best Overall Acne Treatment for Men: Exposed Skincare Ultimate Kit

Exposed Skincare’s Ultimate Kit is the ultimate solution and the best acne treatment for men that consists of everything that the skin of an adult male will need in order to restore balance, moisture, clarity, texture, and smoothness.

Why We Like It:

  • It kills all bacteria that can cause acne to break out.
  • Skin pores get unclogged and excess oils are put back into normal.
  • It will reduce the skin irritation and remove redness over time.
  • It boosts skin complexion, moisturizes, and removes impurities.
  • Includes nine products for a complete and successful treatment.

You might want to choose Exposed Skincare Ultimate Kit if:

You want to have an all-in-one solution for your acne problem.

Establishing a daily routine is one of the most important factors for a successful battle against acne. Exposed Skincare Ultimate Kit offers nine different products that can work both standalone and in unison. If we apply them twice a day, we can expect to see optimal results.

But why do we consider this product to be the best acne treatment for men? The secret is, of course, in carefully selected components like bacteria-killing salicylic acid and azelaic acid, vitamins that nourish our skin like pro-vitamin B5, and a range of herbs that will calm irritation and reduce redness. The kit also contains microdermabrasion cloth for exfoliating dead skin cells and a probiotic complex that will balance-out our immune system and help fight acne inside out.

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Best Prevention Acne Treatment for Men: Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash

This paraben-free product is the best acne treatment for men, meant for prolonged daily use in order to prevent acne from coming back.

Why We Like It:

  • If used over a long period of time, it will certainly prevent future acne breakouts.
  • Contains salicylic acid and will thus help to reduce the amount of oil on our skin.
  • It’s paraben-free.

You might want to choose Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash if:

You need a product that will help you both get rid of acne and prevent them from coming back.

Neutrogena Men Skin Clearing Acne Wash is powerful and top-notch. The addition of salicylic acid keeps the pores unclogged and removes oil and dirt from our skin. Therefore, it can also help us to prevent acne from coming back once we get rid of it. If used daily, the product will dry the skin and clarify it. It’s also paraben-free, so we can say that this is probably one of the best products out there for prolonged use.

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Best Oily Skin Acne Treatment for Men: Khiel’s Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash

Khiel’s Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash clarifies and dries out just enough to balance out even the oiliest skins.

Why We Like It:

  • It’s specifically designed for men with extremely oily skin.
  • Perfectly exfoliates without irritating the skin.

You might want to choose Khiel’s Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash if:

You’re not able to dry-out and clarify your skin by any other means.

Some of us have more oily skin than others, and it’s not always about our diet and lifestyle. Even if it is, we’ll probably have to do something more than just try to live a healthier life in order to fix the problem. We consider Khiel’s Men’s Oil Eliminator Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash to be the best acne treatment for men with oily skin. Salicylic acid clears and unclogs pores, while argan shells and apricot seeds are there to gently exfoliate all dirt.

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Best Dry Skin Acne Treatment for Men: Grace & Stella Co. Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks

Dry skin can be the major cause of acne, but this best acne treatment for men will hydrate and moisturize yours overnight.

Why We Like It:

  • It contains hydrating ingredients like castor oil.
  • The skin isn’t too oily after use.
  • Includes salicylic acid in order to help with the existing acne.

You might want to choose Grace & Stella Co. Acne Treatment Facial Sheet Masks if:

You have excessively dry skin that is the cause of an acne outbreak.

This best acne treatment for men with dry skin works for our benefit overnight. Multiple natural ingredients combined together will help to prevent further infections and relieve the existing ones. Jojoba oil is there to moisturize the skin, while castor oil hydrates it and gives it smoothness. Aloe vera will heal the infection, while salicylic acid will kill all acne-inducing bacteria. With this product, our skin will feel relieved as soon as we wake up in the morning.

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Best Acne Spot Treatment for Men: TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

This best acne treatment for men is one of the most rigorous and last-stand options for acne spot treatment on the market.

Why We Like It:

  • It contains Bentonite Clay, which draws out toxins and provides oxygen to skin cells.
  • Includes a range of antibacterial and antifungal essential oils.
  • Effective for treating severe acne, but still feels gentle on our skin.

You might want to choose TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment if:

You need immediate relief in healing blemishes, while also having a powerful solution for a severe acne outbreak.

TreeActiv Cystic Acne Spot Treatment penetrates deep into the skin, right to the root of the problem, while killing all acne-related bacteria at the same time. Every type of skin will instantly feel relieved thanks to ingredients like volcanic bentonite clay, peppermint and spearmint water, witch hazel, aloe vera, lemon essential oil, and many others.

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Life Without Acne Is Finally Here

Acne can make us feel powerless, and thus affect all aspects of our lives. However, men shouldn’t be discouraged by this anymore. The best acne treatment for men exists, and all you have to do in order to defeat acne for good is to never give up.

Combine these best acne treatment for men products with a healthier lifestyle, and improvement will be visible faster than you think.

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Best Acne BB Cream

In the past couple of years, there’s been an absolute craze for Korean cosmetic products. We’ve started to use Korean hydrating tissue masks, and of course, their amazing BB creams. Soon after, we caught onto what the Koreans were doing right, so Western brands started coming out with their own versions of the product.

Although we may feel as though we’ve been in the know all along, BB creams have only been a part of our routines since 2010! So today, we’re going to figure out whether they’re really the magical solution to all our skin troubles.

Acne: What Is It and How to Make It Go Away

Everyone gets acne. Young or old, all people break out from time to time. However, there are a few ways to deal with it. If you’ve been dealing with acne your whole life, you’ve heard all the tips:

  • Keep your skin clean.
  • Don’t touch your face with your hands.
  • Change your sheets frequently.
  • Use drying masks.

After a while, the well-meaning advice just seems contradictory. Even doctors can’t seem to agree on the course of treatment. So it’s up to us to figure out which ingredients work and where we can find them. That brings us to BB creams!

BB Creams: Makeup and Skincare All in One!

Initially, BB creams were invented by a German dermatologist in the 60s to use after facials and surgery. Even though they’ve lost their primary purpose over time and become more of a lightweight foundation than anything else, some of them still use nutritional formulations our skin loves. However, as with any other product, we always recommend reading the list of ingredients before you commit to a cream. After all, that’s where you’ll find oils, fragrances, and other ingredients acne-prone skin isn’t particularly fond of.

Our criteria for finding the best BB cream for acne excluded all of these ingredients. We were also looking for UV protection, moisturizing properties, and of course, color. Still, we should note that BB creams are very lightweight products, which includes their coverage. So if you’re looking for something that will entirely cover your acne or scarring, we recommend checking out foundations for oily skin instead.

How to Use a BB Cream

If you’ve ever put on any sort of face cream before, you’ll know how to put on a BB cream. The rules are simple:

1. Wash Your Face

Whatever you’re putting onto your face, you’re going to want to start by cleaning it. Many of the ingredients in skincare products are meant to create a protective layer over your skin. That layer should seal in moisture and protect you from sun exposure — but it can also seal in bacteria. So it’s best to start on clean skin. In fact, we particularly like how tinted creams look on exfoliated skin.

2. Apply the BB Cream with Your Hands

There’s really no method to this madness. If you don’t want to reach for your brushes, you can put your BB cream on with your hands. Provided that they were clean, of course. These types of products are supposed to melt into your skin and almost completely disappear. So you definitely won’t see any of the streaks you’d see if you just slapped on your foundation.

3. Or Smooth It over with a Sponge or a Brush

However, you can also use your makeup tools to apply a BB cream or simply to smooth it out. You can use a brush if you’d like or a damp beauty sponge for a more seamless look.

4. Finish Off the Look

As we have previously mentioned, you’re not going to be able to get a lot of coverage out of a BB cream. You can just go out with a BB cream on — maybe with some lip balm to complete the natural look. However, if you like to be a bit more polished, you can also add some concealer, contour, and whatever other products you usually use.

Now that we know how to properly apply a BB cream, let’s see which are the best ones on the market right now.

The Top 5 Best BB Cream for Acne

Best BB Cream for Acne When You Have Oily Skin: La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur SPF 20

Many BB cream formulas are lightweight and dewy. Naturally, that is the last thing you want when you have oily skin! This BB cream from La Roche-Posay is the perfect matte formula.

Why we like it:

  • SPF 20
  • Very good coverage
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Oil, fragrance, and paraben-free

You might want to choose La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur if:

Usually, BB creams are a bit runny. That’s part of the reason why so many of them don’t have much in the way of color pay-off. But it’s also why you usually don’t need to get your exact color match. In contrast, this BB cream has a thick mousse consistency. The thick formula will absorb any excess sebum your skin makes and smooth out your pores and any minor scarring you may have. It also has surprisingly good coverage, so it will actually eliminate underlying redness on the skin. However, because the formula is so pigmented, you’ll need to get a close color match.

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Best BB Cream for Acne When You Have Dry Skin: MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF 25

It’s true — people with dry skin get acne too. But most products that are geared for acne-prone skin are only fit for oily skin! Well, here’s a BB cream you’ll be able to use even if you have dry skin.

Why we like it:

  • SPF 25
  • Improves your skin over time
  • Non-comedogenic
  • No parabens, mineral oil, alcohol etc

You might want to choose MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 if:

While this BB cream can’t manage the same amount of coverage the previous one could, it’s incredibly moisturizing and soothing to dry skin. It’ll give you just the right amount of color to cover some basic imperfections while also allowing your skin to breathe. If you look at the list of ingredients, you’ll find over 50 natural extracts and oils in this cream that are going to keep you looking fresh and hydrated.

Aside from the oils and extracts, the cream also contains lipids and amino acid complex peptides which restore the natural balance of your skin. Furthermore, we were especially happy to see zinc oxide on the list of ingredients, as zinc is great for clearing acne.

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Best BB Cream for Acne When You Have Sensitive Skin: Marcelle BB Cream Matte

Even though the previous two products we’ve mentioned are both non-comedogenic, this Marcelle matte BB cream might be the best one for sensitive skin.

Why we like it:

  • Self-adjusting pigment
  • Oil-free shine control
  • Non-comedogenic

You might want to choose Marcelle BB Cream Matte if:

If your skin breaks out at the drop of a hat, you’ll want to get a BB cream that won’t irritate it. In fact, this cream has hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf juice, and many other ingredients that will replenish and nourish your skin. Because this is a fairly hydrating formula, the coverage isn’t all that great. However, this cream can easily serve as a primer or a daily moisturizer. What’s more, the pigment particles that are in the cream can easily blend into almost any skin tone.

But really, one of our favorite things about this cream is the no-nonsense packaging. The pump applicator should make it not only easy but also more hygienic to use this tinted moisturizer.

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Best BB Cream for Acne When You Have Combination Skin: Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream

How do we possibly respond to the demands of combination skin? Does it want moisture or cleansing? With this BB cream from Maybelline, you don’t have to guess.

Why we like it:

  • SPF 30
  • Five shades
  • Silicone, paraben, alcohol, and sulfate-free

You might want to choose Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream Cream if:

No matter what skin type or tone you have, you can probably benefit from this Maybelline BB cream. There are no oils or other heavy ingredients to be found here, only nourishing ones that make up a dewy formula. Although this BB cream has a fairly runny consistency, it does a great job of covering imperfections and brightening skin.

The formula’s main active ingredient is titanium dioxide, which is a sunscreen agent. With that in mind, we recommend this product to all the ladies who won’t wear sunscreen because it leaves a white cast. Now you can treat your skin the way it deserves to be treated!

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Best BB Cream for Acne When You Have Aging Skin: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector SPF 20

Although mature skin is typically more on the dry side, it can still get blemishes. So how can Neutrogena conceal and fix them?

Why we like it:

  • SPF 20
  • Hydrates skin
  • Contains retinol

You might want to choose Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector SPF 20 if:

We’re all about aging with grace. So it’s important to know when to stop using heavy foundations and transition into tinted creams. This Neutrogena cream will even out your skin tone and leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated. It will also reduce the appearance of your fine lines, thanks to a magical ingredient known as retinol. Retinol, otherwise known as vitamin A1, is the cure-all ingredient that targets several problems. It doesn’t only brighten skin and encourage cell turnover, but it’s also a very effective defense against acne.

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The Best BB Cream for Acne Is the One That Works for You

We believe that BB cream is the perfect tinted product for people with problematic skin. Foundation often tends to exacerbate any blemishes, even though it momentarily covers them. So BB creams are the ideal solution, as long as you can handle letting some of your skin peek out. And why not? Thanks to these BB creams, the quality of your skin will improve with each use.

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Best Acne Face Mask In 2020

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that acne is the worst. However, there’s no reason for us to suffer longer than necessary. Many skincare brands have come out with their own concoctions that should help clear skin inflammation away. So today, we’re looking for the best acne face mask.

Can a Face Mask Really Clear Acne?

When we’re talking about any type of cosmetic product that’s aimed at acne-prone skin, we want to be very careful. While people whose skin is naturally tough don’t usually have to worry about ingredient lists, we really do. After all, if a face mask has the wrong thing in it, it could cause even more breakouts on top of the ones we were trying to get rid of in the first place. So let’s see what some of the ingredients we want to see on the back of an acne-fighting face mask are.

Ingredients You Want to See on Your Acne Face Mask

When you’re reading the list of ingredients that went into a face mask for acne-prone skin, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the following magic words.

  • Bentonite or kaolinite clay. These ingredients are going to dry on top of your skin, drawing sebum out of your pores.
  • Charcoal is great for cleansing pores and lifting dirt. It’s what gives a lot of these products a dark color.
  • Sulfur works similarly to salicylic acid in that it dries out the skin, unclogs pores, and kills bacteria.
  • Benzoyl peroxide is another drying and bacteria-zapping ingredient, so you usually won’t see both it and sulfur in the same product. That would be a bit of an overkill.

How to Put on a Face Mask

The way you use your face mask is going to depend on the type of mask it is. However, we do have some special tips and tricks that can make masking a more rewarding experience.

  1. Start by washing your face. You don’t need to exfoliate during this step, just cleanse the skin as much as possible.
  2. An optional step, if you’re in the mood for a bit of pampering, would be to steam your face. You could also take a clean face towel and run hot water over it, wring it out, and put that on your face. That would open up your pores so the mask can really penetrate the skin.
  3. Prepare the mask. Many of them come ready to put on, which you can do with (clean) hands. Or you can get a face spatula, a brush, or a spoon to do it with. If you need to mix the mask, you can put it on with the spoon you used to mix it.
  4. Apply it all over the face (and possibly the neck).
  5. Depending on the mask, you’ll either have to wash it off or you’ll be able to leave it on. Follow the instructions of the individual product. Usually, clay masks will harden within 20 minutes and will need to be washed off, while gel-like masks can stay on the face.
  6. If your skin feels irritated or appears red after a mask, it’s okay. It may just be sensitive to the clay. There’s no reason to worry, you can either wait it out or roll ice cubes over your face to close the pores and soothe the skin. You can also put on some moisturizer if the mask dried out your skin.

The Top 5 Best Acne Face Masks

Best Acne Face Mask When You Have Problematic Skin: Exposed Skincare Clarifying Mask

If you’re looking for a face mask that’s really going to sink into your pores and kill all of that acne-inducing bacteria, Exposed Skincare has got you covered.

Why we like it:

  • Charcoal absorbs oil
  • Bentonite purifies skin
  • Sulfur kills bacteria

You might want to choose Exposed Skincare Clarifying Mask if:

This mineral-infused clay mask is one of the best things you can use if your skin is particularly acne-prone. The main active ingredient in the formula is the 3% of sulfur it contains, which effectively kills off acne-inducing bacteria. Zinc oxide will also help with that. It also contains bentonite, which draws out toxins, as well as charcoal to absorb excess oil. However, it won’t leave you completely high and dry, as it has glycerin and a few oil extracts to return some of that moisture back into the skin.

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Best Acne Face Mask When You Have Oily Skin: Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask

This Neutrogena leave-on mask is great for people who want to quickly and effectively draw out excess sebum.

Why we like it:

  • Very drying, perfect for oily skin
  • Benzoyl peroxide active ingredient
  • Melts into the skin

You might want to choose Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask if:

This Neutrogena mask is incredibly effective for combating excess oil and acne — so it will only cause more damage for people with dry skin. This is also one of the most convenient masks we’ve found since it doesn’t need to be washed off. However, you should read the instructions carefully. The active ingredient in this formula is acne medication benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient is also an oxidizing agent, which means that you shouldn’t go out in the sun wearing this mask.

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Best Acne Face Mask When You Have Dry Skin: SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque

If your breakouts present as redness and irritation, you’ll want to find something that can soothe your skin. This SkinCeuticals mask is just the thing for the job.

Why we like it:

  • Soothing and hydrating
  • Reduces redness and tightness
  • You can leave it on, rinse it off, or use it as an overnight mask

You might want to choose SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque if:

The most common type of breakouts in dry skin leave the skin even more irritated than it already is. To make things worse, most acne-fighting ingredients will dry out your skin even more. Well, this one addresses that issue in several ways — it has sodium hyaluronate, which promotes healing, and Morus Alba root extract for skin brightening. We recommend using a silicone brush to smooth this mask over your face. That’s the way your dermatologist would do it!

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Best Acne Face Mask When You Have Hormonal Skin: Aztec Secret — Indian Healing Clay

It seems like the whole internet has been raving about this clay mask. So what makes it so special?

Why we like it:

  • Calcium bentonite clay
  • Easy to use
  • Great for many skin types

You might want to choose Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay if:

The great thing about this mask is that people online have done our work for us. People of all skin types have reviewed it and concluded that it’s great. We also love the fact that this mask only has one ingredient! The whole 1-pound jar is full of dry calcium bentonite clay. Once you get it, you can mix a spoon of the clay with some apple cider vinegar or water and apply it to your face. The clay will extract sebum and purify your pores in about 10 minutes, and your skin will improve the longer you use it. However, we should mention that people with dry skin will need to moisturize afterward.

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Best Acne Face Mask for Sensitive Skin: Seoul to Soul Charcoal Black Mask — 10 Minute Acne Eraser Mask

This whole masking craze was reignited in part thanks to Korean beauty trends — so let’s see what they put in their acne masks.

Why we like it:

  • Exfoliates and deeply cleanses
  • Uses charcoal, bentonite, and kaolin clay
  • Natural ingredients: witch hazel and rice

You might want to choose Seoul to Soul Charcoal Black Mask if:

This mask has gotten rave reviews left and right, and we completely understand why. You can’t really beat products that manage to play to the strengths of the things found in nature. The Seoul to Soul charcoal mask has clay, so it’ll harden on your face and extract all of your excess sebum while it’s at it. Then, when you go to wash it off, you’ll notice that the small charcoal particles are also exfoliating your skin. Even dry skin types should find no issue with this formula, as the rice extract will soothe inflamed skin.

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A Little Skincare Goes a Long Way!

As always, no matter what we say, you’re going to have to find the best acne face mask for you. Sometimes, even people with the same skin type don’t agree on a product. So just experiment a little, and keep an eye on the ingredient lists on the products you’re trying. You may be able to figure out the exact ingredients that irritate or work well for your skin.

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Best Acne Moisturizer In 2020

Many people make the mistake of believing that acne is caused by an over-hydrated skin. But even oily skin actually produces all that sebum to compensate for being dehydrated. Today, we’re going to talk about why acne really happens and how the right moisturizer can be a part of the solution.

The Real Problem with Acne

Acne-prone people usually have a damaged outermost layer of skin. That layer is also known as the skin barrier, or the epidermal barrier if you want to be scientific about it. The skin barrier is supposed to protect us from all outside contaminants and grime that would settle into our pores if it wasn’t there. So when it cracks under the pressure, our pores start creating more sebum to compensate. That’s when we get whitehead pimples or blackheads.

But as you can see, the sebum that ends up clogging our pores is actually trying to protect us. However, making all of that excess sebum takes up one of our bodies’ most important resources: water. That’s where moisturizers come in.

Hydration vs. Moisturizing

We’re still not ready to talk about how to find the best acne moisturizer for different skin types. First, we need to know the difference between the concepts of hydration and moisturizing.

If you’re just building your skincare routine, you’ll want to start with hydration. After you clean your face, the first product on it should be a hydrating one. This category consists of toners, serums, and similar products. But since water evaporates so easily, these products aren’t going to be that effective. That is unless you add a product that’s going to trap the hydration inside the skin — a moisturizer.

The Ingredients to Look for in the Best Acne Moisturizer

Because moisturizers are trying to trap water, they often contain ingredients that ensure prolonged hydration. Understanding these ingredients is the biggest part of finding the perfect moisturizer.

If you have oily skin, you’re probably going to want to steer clear of products that have petrolatum or mineral oils in their ingredient lists. These two are so thick that they create a physical barrier between your skin and the air. While this is great for dry skin types, people with oily skin will probably hate the effect.

Instead, people with oily and sensitive skin types, you ought to stick to non-comedogenic moisturizers. When you’re reading the lists of ingredients, look for dimethicone.

Many moisturizers also aim to replace the need for hydrating products, so they put in naturally hydrating oils. If you don’t know how your skin reacts to these types of oils, you can do a test on your hands in the store. However, make sure to leave plenty of time for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin before deciding on a product.

How to Use a Moisturizer

Before we apply a moisturizer, we want to start with a clean slate. Naturally, we need to wash our faces before applying any skincare. You can also use an exfoliant if your skin can handle it. Also, make sure that your hands are squeaky clean.

As we have already mentioned, many people use moisturizer on top of serums or other hydrating products. You can certainly use a moisturizer on its own — although having a hydrating product underneath would make it more effective. If you don’t feel like applying two products separately, you can mix many hydrating products into moisturizers. For example, if you already know that a particular oil works for your face, mix it into your moisturizer.

Most people figure out what kind of motions they should use to rub the cream in on their own. Still, there are a few universal tips about product application. Whatever we’re putting on our faces or necks, we ought to press it into the skin. Or, if we must drag the product, drag upwards.

The Top 5 Best Acne Moisturizer

Best Acne Moisturizer for All Skin Types: Exposed Skincare Moisture Complex

We love this Exposed Skincare moisturizer simply because it does it all. The lightweight gel formula will suit oily skin, but it’s also chock-full of nutrients that are going to soothe and hydrate any skin type.

Why we like it:

  • Contains Green Tea extract, which is an antioxidant
  • Caffeine and pumpkin seed oil reduce irritation and redness
  • It gives the skin a smooth appearance

You might want to choose Exposed Skincare Moisture Complex if:

Even though we’ve mentioned how ideal this product is for oily and sensitive skin, we actually also love it for dry skin. Between the glycol and the vitamin E in the ingredients, dry and even mature skin will love this moisturizer. Furthermore, the Green Tea extract should also take care of any minor blackheads. After all, blackheads are oxidized sebum, and Green Tea is an antioxidant. Still, if you don’t know how your skin usually reacts to pumpkin seed oil, you’ll want to do a patch test first.

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Best Acne Moisturizer for Oily Skin Types: Vichy Normaderm Beautifying Salicylic Treatment

How could we review moisturizers without mentioning one from Vichy? This moisturizer may be the perfect acne-fighting, hydrating, and water-trapping trifecta.

Why we like it:

  • Acne-fighting salicylic acid as the active ingredient
  • Perfect for oily skin, no mineral oils
  • Feels very comfortable and light

You might want to choose Vichy Normaderm Beautifying Salicylic Treatment if:

As anyone who’s ever tried to fight their acne knows, salicylic acid is the best thing for moisturizing the skin while promoting cell turnover. The Vichy treatment is not only helpful for fighting acne, but it’s also incredibly moisturizing. However, even though the brand markets this moisturizer as one that’s suitable for sensitive skin, we suggest you decide that for yourself. Specifically, the active ingredient might cause some discomfort for people with unusually dry or sensitive skin. Fortunately, we’ve got just the moisturizer for that problem.

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Best Acne Moisturizer for Dry Skin: MISSHA Super Ultra Waterfull Clear

We were very happy when we found this hydrating moisturizer from MISSHA. The many hydrating ingredients that went into the formula make it ideal for dry and damaged skin.

Why we like it:

  • Gorgeous transparent packaging
  • Intensely hydrating and healing/anti-aging
  • Leaves a slight sheen, making the skin look glowy

You might want to choose MISSHA Super Ultra Waterfull Clear if:

Korean skincare fans will love this moisturizer and so will everyone else when they take a look at the list of ingredients! Usually, water is the first thing you’ll see on any skincare product ingredient list — which signifies its high content in the formula. However, here you’ll see that glacier and seawater are both further down the list. Instead, the primary ingredient of this moisturizer is Japanese white birch juice. It also has all the standard hydrating ingredients and citric acid for its anti-aging properties. Really, this is the perfect summer moisturizer for most skin types.

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Best Acne Moisturizer for Tired Skin: Benton Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream

When our skin is feeling particularly congested, many of us tend to avoid moisturizers. However, the right formula won’t clog your pores at all!

Why we like it:

  • Contains acne-fighting willow bark extract
  • Brightening, anti-aging, and healing ingredients
  • Restores natural oil balance

You might want to choose Benton Snail Bee Cream if:

These last two moisturizers are both geared toward mature skin, but we simply couldn’t resist mentioning them both! This innovative formula uses skin conditioning snail secretions, which have anti-aging and healing properties. It also has glycerin, glycol, sodium hyaluronate, and so many other dry skin-friendly ingredients. But it will also work for oily skin. Additionally, we love the creative use of bee venom in this cream to protect and tighten the skin. Between the tightening and the moisturizing ingredients, your skin will look more supple than ever.

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Best Acne Moisturizer for Mature Skin: The Water Cream from Tatcha

The Tatcha has been making waves in the beauty industry for years now. This lightweight anti-aging moisturizer is only one of the reasons why.

Why we like it:

  • Great for dry and sensitive skin
  • Promotes healing
  • It even has UV protection

You might want to choose Tatcha’s Water Cream if:

As we have already mentioned, this moisturizer is fantastic for dry skin. But since there are no mineral oils in sight, it would also work for oily skin. The light formula is inspired by Japanese herbal skincare. We can see that from the way the manufacturer used the Japanese Wild Rose and Leopard Lily to calm and balance the skin. And you can be sure that no other harm will come to your face thanks to the sun protectant.

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Give Your Skin the Nutrients It Needs.

Your moisturizer is only going to be one part of your road to recovery. You’ll also need to keep your skin clean and hydrated before you even reach for the moisturizer that’s going to seal the water in. However, once you establish your skincare routine, your acne will be gone before you know it.

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Best Acne Treatment For Adults In 2020

There is nothing more annoying than waking up to see a humongous pimple growing in the middle of your forehead. It can’t be cured instantly, nor it can be covered up. It’s stubborn, and it makes you wonder what you did to deserve this kind of punishment.

Unfortunately, we all know this terrible feeling. And although teens are more likely to have pimples and zits, adults can severely break out too.

All is not lost, though. We are about to tell you what the best acne treatment for adults is. But first, let’s delve into acne science and answer the question commonly asked by acne-prone adults — ‘Why me?!’.

The Science Behind Acne Breakouts

We’ve already established that having acne is aggravating, but let’s see why they occur in the first place.


Sebum is the natural oil that your skin produces. It’s actually beneficial when it comes to your skin’s health. However, sebum can sometimes be the cause of acne. Those who have excess of it, more commonly known as having ‘oily skin’, are more prone to getting pimples.


When bacteria gets into your pores, it causes irritation and inflammation that we call acne. The most common way of contracting said bacteria is by touching your face with unwashed hands.

Clogged Pores

Sometimes, your skin cells suddenly decide they want to speed up their maturation cycle and produce more sebum. In that case, pores can get clogged with the sebum and dead skin cells, leading to a quick acne breakout.


Women who are pregnant or have recently quit taking their birth control may experience acne because of the hormonal change.

Also, some medication is also known to cause acne.


A good diet can come a long way when it comes to your skincare. Fatty foods are certainly not going to help with your acne, so you might as well try eating healthier. We’re sorry, but that is the truth.


Another common reason why we break out is stress. And unfortunately, it can’t be dealt with easily.

How Acne Treatment Products Work

There are a lot of different types of acne treatments, and they use various acne-repelling ingredients. Let’s see what some of these ingredients are.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is an exfoliant. It digs deep into your pores and cleans them from dirt and bacteria that they may contain. Besides that, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can alleviate acne redness.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a type of medication that’s often found in acne treatment products. What it does is cleanse the pores from bacteria. In addition, it stimulates the drying and peeling of the skin.

AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)

The alpha hydroxy acid is also a common skin care ingredient. It’s very good at removing the top layer of dead skin cells, making the skin soft and glowy.

Vitamin A/Retinol

It’s probably the most famous skincare ingredient, and for a good reason. Retinol has plenty of health benefits for the skin. For instance, it accelerates skin turn-over, it exfoliates the skin, and helps with inflammation.


Sulfur is a powerful ingredient that you have to be very careful with. It helps dry out the skin, relieving it from any excess oils. However, be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you might end up with extremely dry skin.

Best Acne Treatment for Adults

As we already know, adults can get acne too. And it may be even more annoying for them than for the youngsters. Imagine yourself waking up with a giant zit when you have to go to an important business meeting. It’s tragic!

That being said — here is the best acne treatment for adults on the market right now, and 4 more than you may find helpful.

1. Exposed Skin Ultimate Kit — the All-Around Best Acne Treatment for Adults

This amazing kit from Exposed Skin includes 9 products that you need to apply every day to get the much desired acne-free skin.

Not only does this kit kill existing acne and regenerate the skin faster, but it also prevents acne from appearing later. With this intensive skin care routine, you are bound to have beautiful glowing skin that is also nourished and blemish-free.

It’s designed for all skin types and ages, which is just another reason why it’s the best acne treatment for adults at the moment.

What we like about it:

  • tackles all pimple causes at once
  • uses natural extracts
  • keeps the skin healthy and beautiful for 30 days

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2. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo — the Quickest Solution

La Roche-Posay is a European skincare brand that generally has amazing products. And Effaclar Duo is no exception.

Effaclar Duo uses benzoyl peroxide and lipo hydroxy acid (LHA) to exfoliate the skin and treat acne. It clears the skin from dirt, bacteria, and excess oils. However, it does not dry the skin out. It’s suitable for both normal skin, as well as extremely sensitive skin.

The application is quite easy — you only need to apply it once a day to the affected red areas, and that’s it. The results are visible in just 3 days.

What we like about this product:

  • acts quickly
  • easy application routine
  • doesn’t dry out the skin

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3. Tata Harper ‘Let There Be Light’ Acne Treatment Kit — the Natural Way to Treat Acne

The Tata Harper ‘Let There Be Light’ kit consists of 3 products — the resurfacing serum and mask, and the regenerating cleanser. The resurfacing serum is the one that targets acne in particular, but the other two only enhance its effects.

It works best for dry and dull skin.

The best part about this product is that it’s 100% natural. Tata Harper is known for using organic ingredients from their farm in all of their products.

What we like about this product:

  • 100% natural
  • makes the skin glow
  • mild

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4. Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment — the Best Medical Acne Treatment

The Clean & Clear Advantage oil-free formula has been clinically tested and proven to work in 100% of cases.

This product uses salicylic acid to cleanse the pores and alleviate acne. Also, it contains witch hazel, an ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces inflammation.

The Clean & Clear formula is fitting for all skin types, from dry to oily.

All in all, it’s an amazing product, and it’s well deserving of its spot on the list.

What we like about this product:

  • recommended by dermatologists
  • effective
  • great for all skin types

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5. Murad Rapid Lightening Regimen 30-Day Kit — Acne Treatment With Age-Reversing Properties

The Murad Rapid Lightening Kit includes 5 products that should make your skin clear and give you a more even complexion in just a few days.

Aside from being great at treating pimples and blemishes, this kit is also effective at reversing aging and sun exposure signs on the skin. The main ingredient it uses is salicylic acid, which we know by now is a great acne-killer.

It only requires 3 simple steps and needs to be applied only twice a day.

What we like about this product:

  • acts quickly
  • simple regimen
  • rejuvenates the skin

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So what did we learn today?

We learned that having pimples as an adult is not the end of the world. And there’s a lot you can do to treat them and prevent them.

All in all, whichever of the recommended products you choose, you can’t go wrong. But the truth is — the Exposed Skin’s Ultimate Kit is by far the best acne treatment for adults right now.

Best Pore Vacuum In 2020

If you’ve never seen a pore vacuum before, the very phrase might scare you.

But no, we’re not using a regular vacuum cleaner on our faces.

We are, however, working with the same principle of suction.

Let’s get right into how pore vacuums may help congested skin and find the best pore vacuum for you.

Acne Is Often the Result of Clogged Pores

As you know, most of the skin problems we experience in day-to-day life are the result of clogged pores. Over the course of the day, our skin is bombarded with so many pollutants from the air — from dust to car exhaust. All of that dirt combines with our naturally occurring sebum to create a real mess on the surface of our skin, which then causes the excess sebum to become trapped inside of our pores.

Can Pore Vacuums Fix That Problem?

Pore vacuums are used to suction the dirt off the surface of the skin. Most of them also claim to be able to penetrate into the pores and completely extract the dirt inside. However, we believe that the way you use the tool is much more important than the exact device you choose.

How to Use a Pore Vacuum

Although it’s not really necessary, we like to start our vacuuming sessions with a clean face. Many of the devices we’ve come across, including the ones we’ve reviewed, claim to be able to remove makeup. However, that’s not their primary purpose. So to keep from clogging your machine, it’s best to cleanse your face before you get into it.

Also, before using a pore vacuum, you’re going to want to open up your pores. We’ve seen many people complaining about the effectiveness of this tool, but you can’t really expect for anything to come out if you haven’t prepped your skin first. You can steam your face with hot water or a steamer or put a warm towel over it for a minute or two before you begin. You can also use a blackhead remover gel to open up the pores!

If you have particularly sensitive skin, start on the lowest suction setting. Move the tool in tight circular motions, only spending a few seconds on each area. If you take any more time on a particular place, you’re going to essentially make a hickey.

When you’re ready to take the machine off, make sure that you’re lifting with a sideways motion. Never use a pore vacuum for more than 5 minutes or more often than once or twice weekly. If you experience redness, adjust accordingly.

Also, when you finish suctioning away your blackheads and excess sebum, you can wash your face again with cold water. You can also apply a moisturizer after you’re done to replenish the skin.

Best Pore Vacuum for All Skin Types: COOFO Rechargeable Blackhead Vacuum

If you’re looking for a basic pore vacuum, this one from COOFO has all the necessities.

Why we like it:

  • Minimalist design, can stand on its own
  • 4 suction levels, 3 blue tips
  • Eco-friendly and durable ABS material
  • USB charging

You might want to choose COOFO Rechargeable Blackhead Vacuum if:

We wanted to start with the most basic unit so you’ll know what to expect. This pore vacuum comes highly recommended. It comes with 3 replaceable tips. The biggest one is for general use, so it gets oil and blackheads out, and the smaller rounded one is for more sensitive areas. Finally, the oval tip is meant for the area around the mouth and the eyes — it’s supposed to be the gentlest of the three. Of course, you can also control the strength of the pull, from gentler to strong suction.

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Best Pore Vacuum for Stubborn Blackheads: Eunon Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

If even your beautician can’t quite get your blackheads out, this may be a good product to try.

Why we like it:

  • Digital display
  • 3 suction levels, 4 tips
  • 150 minutes of continuous use
  • USB charging

You might want to choose Eunon Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum if:

First of all, we have to notice how this unit differs from the other products in the same category. Most of the other pore vacuums have a minimalist design. This one looks busy but in all the good ways — instead of simple LED indicators, this device has a digital display that shows whether you’re using the makeup, acne, or blackhead mode. In addition to the 3 suction levels, there are also 4 tips for different areas around the face. You’ll also see a battery indicator and a timer that shows you how long you’ve been using the vacuum on the display.

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Best Pore Vacuum for Tight Pores: Lanccona Blackhead Remover with Compress Technology

As you know, pore vacuums are the most effective when we take the time to open our pores before vacuuming them and tighten them when we’re done. This pore vacuum eliminates the need for warm towels and ice cubes.

Why we like it:

  • Ergonomic shape
  • Compress technology
  • Beauty lamp care
  • 5 suction levels, 10 heads

You might want to choose Lanccona Blackhead Remover with Compress Technology if:

Aside from the impressive 5 suction levels and 10 heads (the manufacturer includes duplicates of each of the 5 unique tips), this unit has a lot going for it. But the feature we were excited about is the compress technology hidden at the bottom of the unit. Namely, the plate at the bottom of the device can heat up to 45 degrees Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) to open up your pores before you start suctioning. When you finish, you can turn on the cold compress mode to close the pores at 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 Fahrenheit).

And there’s another interesting feature on the other end of the pore vacuum too. The machine can shine one of 3 colors onto your skin as you suction, all of which should improve it in different ways. The red light should promote collagen regeneration, the green should brighten the skin, and the blue should repair. We’re not completely convinced about the effectiveness of this feature, but we appreciate the effort!

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Best Pore Vacuum for Sensitive Skin: VOYOR Blackhead Electric Extractor

People with sensitive skin usually loath to try new products and technology on their faces. However, this unit might just be worth it.

Why we like it:

  • Minimalist design
  • Very durable
  • 3 suction levels, 4 blue tips
  • USB charging

You might want to choose VOYOR Blackhead Electric Extractor if:

If everything has the potential to cause a breakout, you’re not going to feel particularly adventurous with your skincare routine. However, people with dry and sensitive skin can use a pore vacuum, just like the rest of us. The trick is in choosing the right tip and the lowest suction power. So technically, you could use any of these pore vacuums on sensitive skin — we just happen to prefer this one.

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Best Pore Vacuum for Men: BLACK VAC Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum

There are many products on the market with a black and white color scheme. In fact, most of the pore vacuums we’ve seen are gender neutral. However, this one could be a great unit for fans of the black on black esthetic.

Why we like it:

  • Strong black design
  • 4 suction levels, 4 dark gray tips
  • USB charging

You might want to choose BLACK VAC Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum if:

This unit is great for blackhead extraction, but it can also be gentle on sensitive skin. The device has 4 suction levels, as well as 4 tips you can choose from. The controls are simple, with a power button and two buttons for getting a stronger or weaker suction level. What’s more, the device also has a small digital display you can see the remaining battery on.

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Vacuum Your Worries Away

Ultimately, many people give up on pore vacuums after a single use. But even the best pore vacuum isn’t going to give you great results if you don’t know how to use it. To avoid unnecessary frustrations, just make sure that you’re using your pore vacuum the way we’ve explained.

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Best Facial Steamer In 2020

For many of us, one of the first things we look at is our bathroom mirror. Of course, the reflection can either make our day or ruin it. So it comes as no surprise that a clean face is important for our self-confidence.

Unfortunately, acne and similar blemishes can be quite persistent. It often seems as though they are waiting for that perfect moment — a date, an interview or another important occasion. Covering them up is a solution, but it doesn’t do much in the long run.

Whoever said that prevention is the best cure wasn’t wrong, though. Fortunately, facial steamers are a great tool for uprooting our acne problems. No longer do we have to leave our house to get a quality facial treatment.

Still, before we set out to look for the best facial steamer, let us dig deeper into the nature of acne and why we get them.

What Is Acne?

Essentially, any bumps, red spots or black dots on our skin are a clear indicator of acne. What’s more, they always seem to choose the worst time to appear.

More accurately, acne is an inflammatory skin problem that manifests itself through pimples, cysts, blackheads, and similar blemishes. Those who suffer from acne are not alone, as the condition commonly affects many people.

On top of that, acne appears on our body as well. It commonly invades our chest, back, shoulders, neck, and arms. If not handled correctly, acne can also leave scars in its wake.

What Is the Cause of Acne?

Technically speaking, there are several reasons behind it. Basically, it all starts with oily skin that’s covered in bacteria. Other factors include age, sex, and skin type.

Our hair follicles produce oil to protect and soften our skin. Yet, they can often go overboard with the oil production. This overflow of oil then mixes with bacteria and dead skin cells. Acne is the end result of this combination.

Still, we can get rid of these imperfections by regularly using the best facial steamer.

How Exactly Does a Facial Steamer Work?

Even though it sounds like rocket science, facial steamers are simple devices. Basically, they have a reservoir that we fill with water. The device then heats this water and turns it into steam.

What we do recommend is using either distilled or mineral water. Contrary to tap water, these two types are purer. That means the steam won’t contain any bacteria.

Reasons to Use a Facial Steamer

There are many benefits to using such a device:

  • The heat of the steam causes sweating and removes toxins.
  • The device goes deep and purifies our skin.
  • It also unclogs our pores, eliminating acne-causing residue.
  • The steam acts as a natural moisturizer.
  • It makes our skin more receptive to other treatments.
  • It removes whiteheads and blackheads by melting sebum.

There are also other benefits that aren’t skin-related:

  • A facial steamer can decongest our sinuses.
  • The device is an affordable alternative to spa treatments.
  • It helps us unwind from daily stress.
  • The device regulates room humidity, as well.

How to Choose the Best Facial Steamer?

The capacity of the container is the first factor. If we need an all-purpose facial steamer, we will go with a water tank that can take between 200 and 400ml of water. But, if we need it only for our face, about a 100ml will do just fine.

As for its speed, the optimal heating time should be no more than 4-5 minutes. Also, we want to look for a silent device. That way, we could use it at any given time without disturbing anyone.

Then, there is the robustness factor. We need something that will hold up for a few years. Fortunately, facial steamers are mostly made from hard plastic. That makes them both durable and easily portable.

Lastly, there’s the price, as we don’t want to break our bank. Of course, steamers come with a variety of optional features, but we will discuss those in our review of best facial steamers.

The Best Facial Steamer Overall — Pure Daily Nano Ionic

This facial steamer gained a lot of praise from many satisfied users. It is a best-seller among such devices because it offers professional care. Moreover, it comes with a plethora of interesting features.

As the name suggests, the steam it produces is full of negative ions. This feat allows for better hydration and moisturization. What’s more, our skin becomes more receptive to other skincare products.

The device also boasts a sizeable 200ml reservoir. Its size allows for 30 minutes of continuous steam production. Aside from using it on our face, we can warm up towels and humidify the room as well.

Why we like it:

  • The device is easy to use.
  • It is also both compact and portable.
  • Various accessories are added for better skincare results.

We recommend this facial steamer to those who prefer versatility and professional care.

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Best Facial Steamer Runner-Up — Olaxer Facial Steamer (4 in 1)

Even though this one takes the second place on our list, it’s nevertheless a great option. This facial steamer offers a winning combination of good design and durability.

Its 180ml reservoir can produce about 20 minutes of consistent steam. Moreover, we only need to wait about two minutes for that perfect consistency. It’s easy to use, and not very noisy, either.

Why we like it:

  • The hard plastic material makes it very robust.
  • Once there’s no more water in the tank, the device turns off by itself.
  • The above feature makes it a perfect room humidifier.
  • We can also add essential oils.

We recommend this facial steamer to those who want to strike a balance between price and quality.

However, we noticed that we could adjust the steaming nozzle only within 40 degrees.

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The Best Compact Facial Steamer — Okachi Gliya Nano

What we immediately liked about this device is its compact, but attractive design. Yet, its small size doesn’t reduce its effectiveness.

Like our first candidate, this steamer also uses ionic steam. Moreover, the technology it uses provides the optimal steam temperature.

Why we like it:

  • The device comes with a built-in mirror.
  • It’s well-designed, and it fits any interior.
  • Its reservoir is resistant to heat — we can say goodbye to unpleasant smells.
  • The device shuts off by itself once there’s no more water in the tank.

We recommend this device to those who want a compact and effective face-only steamer.

Yet, the compactness of the device may be a problem for someone who enjoys longer sessions.

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Best Facial Steamer Underachiever — Kingdombeauty Nano

This device is what one would expect a facial steamer to look like — simple and square-shaped. Though it is robust, it is lightweight and portable. For those who tend to use this device sparingly, the manufacturer has thrown in a cover, as well.

Its 100ml reservoir allows for up to 20 minutes of steam, which surpasses the minimal 12 minutes. The quality of steam is good, but it doesn’t stand out much. Yet, the device only takes a few minutes to start producing it.

Why we like it:

  • Its Ozone feature uses a UV lamp to sterilize the steam.
  • The device runs smoothly, with occasional vibrations.
  • It has an automatic turn-off feature.
  • The nozzle is adjustable, which allows us to aim at our face, nose, or chest.
  • It comes with a neat built-in mirror.

We recommend this facial steamer to those who want optimal results, without excess additional functions.

However, we noticed a plastic smell the first time we used it.

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Best Classic Facial Steamer — Facial Sauna by Conair

Last but not least, Conair brings us a device with a classic look and a variety of features. The most important of these features is probably the timer setting. We can choose between 3 and 15 minutes of steaming. That allows us to easily customize our sessions.

Why we like it:

  • The device turns off automatically after 45 minutes.
  • The nasal cone allows for more efficient steaming.
  • The average heat-up time is about 3 minutes.

We recommend this facial steamer to those who want an effective and affordable device.

For some, its speed may be an issue, especially if they are in a hurry. Also, its design is not that sleek. In the end, it really depends on how much we care about the looks.

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Final Thoughts

The truth is, there is a ton of anti-acne and facial cleaning products. Yet, we believe that the best facial steamer is a great addition to one’s skincare arsenal. On top of that, it will increase the efficiency of other products we already use.

What makes these devices stand out is their versatility. We should also have in mind that facial steamers rely on the most natural ingredient there is — water.

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